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Thanksgiving came early for us this year. We celebrated yesterday with my side of the family. We all gathered around my father’s dining room table . . .  his eight kids, minus one – away at college, plus five – two sons-in-law, one son-in-law-to-be and two granddaughters, my children. It was snug. My dad and stepmother sit at the head of the table and we all sit down to a feast. We are about ready to lift the serving spoons and literally dig into the casseroles and side dishes, when my father begins his traditional scripture reading and historical spiel about how Thanksgiving came to be. All us kids groan, but our eyes twinkle at each other. As torturous as it is to sit and smell all the wonderful food while dad talks and talks, and although we’d probably never ‘fess up to it, I think inwardly we all actually like this part of our Thanksgiving tradition. If for nothing else, it’s something we can at least tease Dad about year after year. My eyes meet my sister’s over the corn casserole.  “Isn’t he hungry?!” we silently plead. Yes, and so are we. For more than stuffing and mashed potatoes.


Later, we go around the table and share a Thanksgiving memory and/or something for which we’re thankful. Dad gets teary. We shuffle in our seats and the boys tease him about crying. But inwardly, our hearts melt a bit at seeing our father teary-eyed over being thankful for us.


My plea the last few weeks has been that I won’t take life and blessings for granted. My husband has been sick this year and we have had a couple thousand dollars worth of blood tests. At one point, the doctor even feared leukemia. It shook us to the core. It also grounded us in a way we have never felt in our six years of marriage. The chaos of life cleared and we saw more clearly what in life is truly important and what is important to us for our family. Thankfully, leukemia was ruled out, but I don’t want the clarity we felt in those scary few days to cloud over. So, what better time than the week of Thanksgiving, and the first Monday of this blog to begin a count of His blessings and a search of finding God in the everyday?


#1 blood work realigning to normal


#2 slobbery baby kisses


#3 Nyquil and sound sleep


#4 the strong arms of a husband


#5 a new haircut!


#6 a young teenage, image-conscious uncle watching Lady and the Tramp with his niece


#7 cheerios on the floor in nearly every room


#8 finding a few more tampons in the back of the cabinet (C’mon girls, I know you’ve been thankful for this at one time or another too!)


#9 a refrigerator needing cleaned out


#10 pecan chocolate chip pie


#11 the quick forgiveness of a three-year-old


#12 pumpkins all in a row

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  1. Wonderful. I’m glad you’re writing! Will you link up with me this week? I’m trying out the linky thing with a “Thankfulness Linky.” Link up this one and any other thankfulness posts you do this week! Congratulations on a beautiful blog!

  2. Oooo, I love this! I love those sappy, drawn-out times of sharing over feasts that getting cold. Those are the memories you’ll have for the rest of your lives!

    Praise the Lord for normal blood work!!!

    You have a great thankful list.

    (came over from Olivia’s Such is the Kingdom)


  3. I miss your Dad going on and on at Thanksgiving. And I am thankful for the Thanksgivings I had with you all and all the living we have yet to do!

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