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After a holiday weekend, warts and all, what can I do but thank Him who withholds no good thing? He is good. He does not always give what I want Him to give, when I want Him to give, or how I want Him to give. But he gives. And gives. And gives.

I am unworthy of any of these blessings:

#13 – sparkling ornaments

#14 – peppermint mocha frappuccino

#15 – cousin pictures!

#16 – family drama . . . I say “thanks” a little grudgingly, but how can I not thank Him when it keeps me humbly running in repentance to my ever-present Comfort and Counselor?

#17 – Firefly’s exuberance at unpacking Christmas boxes

#18 – eight baby steps!!!!!

#19 – preparations for a first birthday

#20 – a larger hard drive – more room for pictures!

#21 –  an unexpected rendezvous

#22 – a “baby” chat with my adoption-expectant sister

#23 – passing along baby things

#24 – hearing my once bah-humbug husband downloading Christmas music (Oh, how I want to take some credit for this!!!!)

#25 – sweater dresses

#26 – the beautiful outweighing

And I will not stop….


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  1. Great list! Have you read Hinds Feet in High Places? That is really teaching me a lot right now. I read it 3 or 4 years ago and I am really enjoying this second read-through!

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