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They each came with their own aura, these girls of mine. From the moment I held them in my arms, even while still gasping for breath, I could almost breathe in a sense of their personalities. My first, Firefly is her name in this space, maybe you can guess what she is like? Even in her first few moments in this world,  she startled me with her sense of wonder – her curiosity and exuberance still astound me. And Love-Dove (I can’t help but giggle as her name for this space just came to me!), she arrived in stillness. She brings palpable peace and added affection to our little family.


It truly astonishes me, although, I feel silly when I say it. How do these little lives come with so much personality and spirit? They are all their own, from the very beginning. Why did I ever think it would be otherwise???


From those whose lives my very DNA helped create, this childish mama spirals upward. They were born through me, but through them, I am born a woman. I think I am the one teaching them?


But wait . . .


From those I feed, I learn to hunger.


From those I dress, I learn to put on humility.


From those I wash, I learn to stand under nothing but the blood.


From those I teach boundaries, I learn adventure.


From those I teach manners, I learn unabashed, I-just-have-to-hug-you gratefulness.


From those I teach to pray, I learn to just be thankful (because don’t we have to train our children that they can also ask?).


From those I teach all that life entails, I learn all of what I entail, and just how much I need my Savior.


We give them life and they just bring more.


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  1. “I need my Savior.” Seems to me that sums up parenting in a nutshell. =)

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