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Thanks in the Midst

We’ve had such a busy and fun weekend here, and are beginning a busy day, including a(nother) hair cut and seeing my sister – in from college!


Short and sweet.


#65 celebrating Christmas with old and new friends


#66 Three parties in three days!


#67 That this was the only weekend in December that was quite that busy. =D


#68 “Welcome Baby!” cupcakes at a Christmas Party


#69 All the kids crowded around the little table


#70 A little boy who’s learned from his gracious parents just how to play host, retrieving floss, toys, etc.


#71 Learning just how small a world it is!


#72 Honesty  materializing in unexpected subjects


#73 Heart-breaking, yet freeing, conviction – it’s a cleansing place to be


#74 A baby girl with necklace-radar!


#75 3-year-old versions of Christmas Carols


#76 Cookie swaps!


#77 Emerging friends


#78 Trying new recipes


#79 As well as the tried and true


#80 Learning from the best neighbor in the world


#81 Hand-addressed envelopes in the mailbox

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