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Simple Monday Thanks

This Monday finds me simply counting everyday, grace-washed gifts:


#185 a quiet house and a book-reading, simply soaking, long-awaited bubble bath

#186 convicting, but grace-filled Sunday sermons

#187 that he came back – just to snuggle close under morning covers

#188 “I just love you’s”

#189 friends gathered, burdens shared, prayers lifted

#190 a church lunch

#191 stories told, a beautiful cancer-free life

#192 new babies

#193 grace even in the grumps

#194 Better Off Ted

#195 relational seeds planted, growth-hope

#196 that hard-life experience paves the way for outreaching comfort

#197 silly, little girl faces

#198 anticipating Girl Scout cookies

#199 that He listens to the soul-ugly cries

#200 that He desires honesty – even He that already knows

#201 initiation

#202 60 degree weather

#203 heart-glimpses and greater understanding

#204 cheerios in the sofa cushions

#205 candle flickers

#206 that He loves – even me

Joining the gift-thankers




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  1. Audra, these are wonderful, and many of them hit close to my heart. Your #199 and #200 are two things that have really been on my mind this past week. And I’m still dreaming of your #185 … someday!

    Hey, did you notice that we’re right next to each other in the list of links/pictures on Ann’s website today? 🙂

    Have a good week, my friend!

  2. Aw, we are?! How fun. 🙂

    And I know, #185 is a once-a-year thing for me – if that much! 😉 Hope you get yours soon. 🙂

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