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Baby Lessons

I hear Love Dove’s voice as she awakens from her nap. I meander down our long hallway, pausing at the door to make sure she’s really awake before I turn the knob.


Her ears perk at the sound of her mama coming to “rescue” her from the bed. She gasps and scrambles to sit up fast.


First, she grabs onto her security – a small, blue, mouse blankie, we affectionately call Henry. She peeks over the top of her pack n’ play, just waiting for me to come closer.


I pick up her small, toddler’s body and smother her warm, just-been-snuggling-in-the-blanket face in kisses.


She pats her tummy, proudly saying, “Baby? Baby?”


Yes, sweet girl,” I smile and hold her tight. “You’re my baby….”


More kisses.

Little baby smiles and patiently waits for the end of the Mama Kiss Fest.

This is becoming a daily exchange.

And I’m struck.


At the very moment dreams fade, eyes flutter open, and reality hits, do I hold tight to our only Sure Security?

In Him – in Him alone – we find our true identity and the only confidence for our days.


His? His?

Yes, Child. Mine.



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  1. Love this picture!

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