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Rod and Staff

Getting back from out of town and catching up on life today. And there are days – even when I have every reason in the world (and more!) to be incredibly thankful – that I just don’t feel all drop-to-my-knees grateful. I’ve been given so much and want for nothing, and I still wrestle for contentment and peace.


I am angry with myself for being so ungrateful for all His good gifts and for always wanting more . . . more.


The wind is howling around our house walls and the storm’s clouds have moved in and I wonder if tomorrow’s March will come in like a lion or a lamb. I wonder what our future holds and just want to know that the Shepherd – the One who is both the Lion and the Lamb – is still leading us. Still guiding us.


At breakfast, Firefly plays with a bread bag’s twisty tie and shows me how she’s formed a candy cane. I say that I think it also looks like a Shepherd’s hook and she smiles and turns her toast into a Shepherd walking along our wooden table with his red hook at his side. I inwardly beg Him to use His hook and keep us, we, His sheep that so desperately need His leading, ever close to Him.


He stays ever close and where He leads, I want to follow. I will look for Him along the way . . . His rod and His staff, they comfort me….


#282 little sister’s birthdays

#283 spontaneous family togetherness

#284 His leading to make just a little extra . . . and then being able to share

#285 little girl curiosity

#286 a weekend getaway

#287 a giving friend who loves my girls

#288 sleeping in!

#289 time together

#290 a small sunburn from late February sunshine

#291 the chance to ask for the power to forgive

#292 that we had the money to pay the parking fine

#293 Firefly’s excitement over a dress-up birthday party!

#294 the chance to seek Him in the hard-pressed limbo

#295 the discipline and accountability of counting, even when not feeling all giddy with thankfulness

#296 library storytime

#297 missing two little girls

#298 that peace lilies are so very forgiving

#299 the excitement of getting away and the comfort of coming home

#300 pink tulip tree blooms

#301 the first of yellow daffodils

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  1. Beautiful post and wonderful list! Yay for a getaway and sleeping in! 🙂 Pink tulip tree blooms… beautiful.

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