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Just Continuing

Merely continuing the count….


#303 rain, rain, rain

#304 a wide-mouth Ball jar, brimming with yellow-gold forsythia

#305 the drawings, the flowers, the drawings, the flowers . . . her always bringing

#306 the “Mom? I wuv you.”

#307 Dovey and her necklaces. All seven of them.

#308 That he still needs me

#309 old friends, gathered around our table

#310 That Borax and Scotch-Guard even work with red wine and curry chicken. And really? That I wouldn’t care if they didn’t.

#311 Five little girls, playing strong, growing friendships

#312 That He listens to my cries, my griping

#313 That He can calm my heart . . . heal it

#314 That he still has the touch . . . his stove-popped popcorn is the best! One less thing for me to do in the kitchen. 🙂

#315 A house.

#316 A roof.

#317 Four walls.

#318 Clothing.

#319 Clean water to drink . . . even ice.

#320 Little girls, dancing with smiles and giggles, tutus twirling

#321 good, long talks with my sis

#322 cardinals hopping on our patio

#323 beautiful, March sunshine

#324 That I could pull out the Chacos!

#325 the way He keeps turning my heart to Him in the waiting

#326 that only He can satisfy

Joining others in thanks


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  1. I can’t WAIT for #306!

    And I love #310 … and that you wouldn’t care if it didn’t.

    I’m with you on #312 and #325 … funny how waiting and griping seem to go hand in hand. And how gratitude can break that pattern, at least until we fall back in to it again. Thank God for grace.

    Have a good week!

  2. Even though it’s Tuesday I needed more gratitude so I just came over from Ann’s again.

    Your whole list was awesome – but I liked this one the best: #322 cardinals hopping on our patio (I’m in Missouri and we have them – so bright – so red – puts the robin’s chest to shame. And I like the birds that “hop” – not a big fan of birds that “walk”) {smile} By the way, the way you write, this is why I heart this community.

    God Bless and keep you and all of yours

  3. Yes, #306 is just around the corner for you. 🙂

  4. I totally understand needing more gratitude! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comments!

  5. #310 made me giggle

  6. #305 makes me smile…my little girl is constantly bringing me new drawings. Something I know I’ll miss one day…

  7. Oh, isn’t it wonderful?! Thanks for stopping by!

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