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It Came

The Sunshine finally came our way . . . just in time for the weekend. 🙂


#373 birds, all alive and chirping and building nests in our yard

#374 the way Dove’s lips pucker when she says “tweet”

#375 getting all dirty . . . playing hard

#376 freshly washed hair

#377 surviving the fog and living to tell about it


#379 picnics and pears

#380 the little one and the way she “had” her big sister

#381 laughing before falling asleep

#382 pull-out sleeper sofas and that we all fit

#383 little girls peering at me through the window

#384 that he heard me last week even through my immaturity

#385 that it’s still good to speak up anyway

#386 boundaries

#387 a new globe

#388 books, books, books

#389 little, hand-scrawled signatures from long ago

#390  unexpected, tear-jerking generosity

#391 the comfort of coffee

#392 hostas, sprouting up

#393 seeing the passionate, intermingled love for the Gospel and the world

#394 a half hour, in the car, pouring my heart out

#395 running into friends when you were *just* thinking about them

#396 a roomful, laughing at ourselves

Simply thanking, along with others


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  1. Yay for sunshine! And for books, books, books! I love your list, and how you really show an eye for detail–for finding gratitude in even the smallest, most seemingly insignificant things.

  2. I’m here from Ann’s again. My favorite thank you from your list this week is #396 a roomful, laughing at ourselves (because with friends and family nothing warms the hear like this – especially when it[‘s contagious and you just laugh and laugh until you cry – or your stomach hurts)

    Thank you for this and God bless and keep you and all of yours.

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