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All Creatures Here Below

Last week, I am sweeping dust bunnies and still-living ants off of our hardwood floors (yes, we have a few ants that always seem to make it through the front door). As I brush dirt onto the dustpan, I mentally picture the few closets that are finally a little organized. The few cabinets that are a bit more streamlined. That newly, amazingly shined refrigerator. The recently bathed little girls, who had played so hard and so completely outside that they left a ring of Georgia soil in the bottom of the tub.


It sounds a little boring, doesn’t it? This life of motherhood I live? Sometimes, I think it’s boring too. Sometimes, I try to escape it and run, panting and breathless, into the blogosphere, looking for a little escape. Sometimes, it’s a piece of chocolate (okay, okay, make that a few pieces), or another peek into my email inbox. In fact, I usually try to escape this little life I’ve been given. Try to put off the laundry, leave the dishes in the sink, let my girls play on their own instead of joining right on in. Rarely, when I feel a little bored with this life, do I run full-force into it. Rarely do I put all my efforts into glorifying my little corner of the world.


Because sometimes, this little corner of mine just feels so small and dust-ridden. To be honest, a little insignificant.


But last week, when I was just spinning on the Potter’s wheel? I could feel His pleasure. And I wonder if when we bring glory to ourselves  – not the “hey, look at me, aren’t I doing a good job?” type of glory, but the “this is where I am, I’m going to give it my all” type of glory – if that is when we most bring Glory to our Creator. Or as my friend and beautiful writer, Beth, says, our Masterpiece RE-Creator.** I wonder if when, no matter what He’s called us to – whether being a stay-at-home mom, a working/stay-at-home mom, a man with a six-figure income, a maid in a curb-side motel, a cashier at Wal-Mart, a Pastor of a 1000-member church, a missionary to China, a writer, a photographer, or even a little child leaving rings of dirt in the bathtub – if we are giving it our all, running, panting and breathless, full-force into our lives, that we are then living and breathing Doxologies to our God.


What if we lived our lives as a resonating Amen, a “so be it”, to the calling of the Life he has poured for us?

His image.

Let us live lives worthy of our calling.


** My “insert link” isn’t working today (I’m sure there’s another way to go about it, but I’m not the computer-geek that I wish I was). My friend, Beth’s amazingly, beautiful words:

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  1. Here I am exhausted at 11:45 and unable to sleep, and your post was just the perfect cup of wonderful I needed at this very moment. This is just…oh, gave me goosebumps. “When I’m bored with my life do I run full force into it? (wow! and do I?)…spinning on the Potter’s wheel…living and breathing Doxologies to our God” I *so* want that! May He continue those master strokes in us!
    (awesome picture by the way)

  2. We’re learning together, aren’t we? 🙂

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