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Quiet Heart on a Sunday

Sunday resting

Clock tocking

Birds chirp-singing, all they’ve got

Distant mower humming

His fingers tap, tap, tapping

Sun shining

Oven coil pinging, getting ready

Little girls knocking at front door, looking for a playmate

Cookies, warm and waiting

Tea steeping

Chairs and sofas, circled, waiting for friends

Paper plates, cups, baskets of “silver”ware, ready for the eating

Church dress, discarded, round my feet . . . the relief of comfy t-shirts and broken-in jeans

A friend, leaving to go pick up her lil’ girl for the first time – a half a world away

Palm fronds waving

Smiles grinning

All anticipating

The Son of Man

The Son of God

The home-stretch of

The Great Rescue


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  1. oh how I love love love this time of year! beautiful! Audra πŸ™‚

  2. Yes, and I hope you had a wonderful day too! Rest for the weary?

  3. Beautiful (and I do mean you!)

  4. Why, thank you, sweet friend. πŸ™‚

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