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The Beautiful Thanks

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A little late is better than never, right? Someday, I will get back into that writing groove, but for now, He calls me to live and think and process and learn to love in the right here, right now. But the thanking continues….

#502 soft, pink ballet slippers and her telling me they’re “pointe” shoes (I don’t even know how to spell it! Is it “point” or “pointe”?)

#503 labor and delivery nurses in all their realness and beautiful hope

#504 sweet, young mamas-to-be, lip rings and red hair – taking it all in, writing it all down

#505 sweet begonia blooms

#506 Feather Ellas . . . flowers with their own given names

#507 a sweet, intentional friendship in my children’s lives . . . her legacy weaved in our lives

#508 TIME with my husband

#509 a canned goods run

#510 planting flowers while chasing the little one

#511 the market!

#512 fresh, squeezed lemonade and sharing it with my littlest

#513 all the hugs and reassuring lovepats from the tiniest in the house

#514 sisters, arms wide open in welcome

#515 *my* sister, asking for a visit

#516 strawberries . . . never enough

#517 the trick of spinach to blueberries and green to purple – magic smoothies!

#518 dinner with a sweet friend

#519 that I get to sleep next to him – 8 hours side by side

#520 the best restaurant ever, packed and crowded and everyone happy

#521 running into an old family friend, his bright, white teeth against his beautiful chocolate skin and all his smiles and laughter in the midst of sickness

#522 the sweet comfort of a maxi dress

#523 Dove’s sweet, softly sculpted arms

#524 Firefly’s emerging compassion and how she thinks and thinks and takes it all in and how I have to be careful what I say

#525 baby curls

#526 quiet and processing

#527 reorganizing and using what we already have

#528 sharing

#529 decorated dollhouses

#530 that I get to wipe the tears and hug the hurt of first known grief and that she would care so much about an inchworm

#531 coming home to drawing upon drawing . . . little evidences of their escapades with Daddy

#532 that He is our steadfast God, never wavering, always loving, never forsaking

The beautiful thankers


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  1. It’s fun to know some of the background for some of these thankfuls. I am thankful that you share your heart here!

  2. Love this list. Every. last. number. (pointe 🙂

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