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Morning by Morning

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Every one.

More compassion.

More prying away of all we hold on tight,

all we think we need.

All we think we know.

Water, cold, refreshing, splashes awake.

Coffee percolates.


All grace and how faith fulfills all the rules we cannot keep.

Throw a load in.

Washer spinning, cleansing all the dirty, preparing for another day of play.

Repot the rescue plant, pray for life.

Repot the older plants, roots deep, all the way through the soil, needing fresh space, room to grow fuller, to bloom once again.

All of them, lined up.


Soaking in the morning sun.

Breathing deep the fresh aerated soil.

He sets us free from things that bind.

Liberates us from our self-made pots, giving us room to bear more life.

Not mere sustaining life.

Not mere sufficient life.

Life abundant.


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  1. Love! I’ve missed you, my friend, and have tried to reply to your kind comments over my way, but blogger is being a bear of late.

  2. Wow! Beautiful post! I love the analogy of the re-potted plants and what Christ desires to do in our lives. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh, I thought it just had a vendetta against me! šŸ™‚ I’ve had trouble with it too, for some reason. Hope you’re having a great time!

  4. Thanks for stopping by, sweet Ruthie!

  5. Sounds like you had a quiet morning to just be. That’s nice. It was fun (though a bit crazy) at the pool today. Thanks for doing that! I hope we didn’t ruin your little one’s sleep schedule!

  6. It was great – so glad we did it! No naps today, so I think it’ll be an early night, but that’s sometimes just as good as long, fervent naps. šŸ˜‰

  7. I’ve been wondering where you are, how you’re doing, so glad to read your words today, made me smile all the way down to my soul.

  8. You are the sweetest! Thank you.

  9. Beautifully written as usual. I’ve been lax in my blog reading lately, but reading this post I’m remembering WHY I love blogs so much.

    Maybe we should get together in real life and have coffee or something???

  10. I would LOVE that!!!!!!!!

  11. I love this so much. It compels me to litterally experience more mornings. It is so good to hear from your beautiful heart. Love you, Audra!

  12. =D Love you too. šŸ™‚

  13. Yep, I have missed your writing too. Maybe need to move to WordPress? LOL I switched to WordPress last fall. Never had any problems.

    Always appreciate your posts. Thanks.

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