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Things I’ve Learned in the Last Few Weeks (*in no particular order of time or importance)

Owning a mini-van can make you feel like more of a mom than being pregnant or toting two kids on your hip.

Feeling like a mom is good for me.

And my children.

Putting on a few pounds is not the end of the world.

And I might even want to keep them.

An evening walk does WONDERS.

Using a paper filter in a coffee percolator makes the best morning coffee ever.

Black widows are scary and should not be found anywhere near your kids’ sandbox.

Although terrified of spiders, I will easily become a Mother Bear if I find one anywhere near my children.

God is gracious in leading in simple things like cleaning out sandboxes, when I almost put it off another day.

Routine is good.

For ALL of us.

I really like working with children, my own and others’.

Regular at-home date nights can be almost as good as a “real” date.

Sometimes better.

I am human.

I construct my own idols.

He helps me tear them down.

But He graciously and knowingly allows me to use my own hands.

I am actually *excited* about homeschooling, rather than the always-before terror I felt before.

My children have to sometimes “warm up” to fun.

And that’s okay.

A perfectly-to-your-taste, decorated house, one where you make monthly payments to a bank

is not the only place you can make a home.

That sometimes, the loved ones you want so desperately to care for, already *feel* cared for.

That He is faithful.

And I can mimic His faithfulness in my mere dailiness.



Brushing their teeth.

That when He humbles us,

He brings us closer to Him.

And when we are empty,

He willingly, and eagerly fills us up.

To be emptied again.

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  1. Wow, this was so encouraging! I really liked the last 10 lines. Blessings to you!

  2. So glad! And to you, Ruthie!

  3. “That sometimes, the loved ones you want so desperately to care for, already *feel* cared for.”

    There is so much packed into this sentence. Care to share any more on this topic?

    Looks like the break did you well. Isn’t God amazing?

  4. The minivan thing started me out laughing and by the end you had tugged my heart strings. As. Usual.

    ummmm, sounds like you had a scary black widow experience. Blech. Glad everything turned out alright.

  5. Thank you! I hope to share more soon!

  6. The minivan thing is true, I’m afraid. 😉

  7. I really can identify with something you hinted at here–that while we’re trying and trying and trying to provide for our kids and give them the best of everything possible, they are just soaking up all the little things, the little ways in which we love them almost without trying, the little ways in which God shows us his love and we almost overlook.

  8. YES! This was *exactly* the case!!!! My oldest pretty much shouted something at the top of her lungs, how she *loved* something I thought she’d been lacking. God’s grace….

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