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Never Extinguished

Has something in your life been in the grave so long that the stench has become your normal surroundings?


The stench is so part of your life that you think there’s no changing it?


The stench is so rampant that it hadn’t even occurred to you that it could ever be eradicated?


What’s dead is dead and apathy has chained you strong and you lay dying among the stench?


An addiction? A disorder? Fear? Anxiety? The pain of relationships severed?


Let me tell you something.


Jesus is all about what’s dead coming alive.


The ugly-normal transforming into the extraordinary-beautiful.


Pleasing aromas.


Those He called “asleep” gasping for breath and wakening to a ravenous hunger.


He only need speak the word, and the odorous darkness is pierced by even one light aflame, wax gracefully dripping.

The light shines through the darkness and the darkness can never extinguish it. 

(John 1:5)

Did you catch that? The darkness can never extinguish it.

So, even though there are some things in our lives where hope has scattered to the darkest, furthest corners  . . . where we’re sure that things will always be the way they’ll be, or that someone we love will never change, or that we are who we just are,

There is One who is not content with lackluster life. 

There is One who does not conform to mere mediocre.

There is One who always overcomes the seeming finality.

He has lit my fire.

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  1. SO encouraged by this!

  2. So glad, my friend! Me too! 🙂

  3. light light light light light!!!!! LOVE THIS POST!!!

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