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Deep Breaths

No offense to whoever came up with the term “Home Manager,” but I’ve never really cared for it. Maybe it’s because I never wanted to go into management as a nurse? Maybe it’s because I prefer to be a follower, not a leader (Should I be ashamed to actually admit that? Oh well. It’s true!). But more than that, I think I dislike it because aren’t we *more* than merely managers of our homes? We chauffeur and plan schooling careers and weed through extra-curricular activities, we work, we clean, we cook. But we also care for more than just the outside activities coming *onto* our families. We notice when one of our children is quieter than normal, or their little eyes get that tired-kind-of-glazed look in their eyes. We take note when our husbands need a little encouragement, or maybe his favorite snack waiting for him after a long day at work. Our eyes roam like hawks when our kids are on the playground and we help them navigate the crazy kids and the tall, looming, “oh, it’s FUN!” slide.


We are LIFE facilitators.


And sometimes, facilitating life means giving yourself grace. If your husband’s working late for two weeks? You are going to need grace, my friend (I’m there!). Give yourself a break. Maybe your kids would like a break from the meat and potato dinners and simply love a little mac n’ cheese. Take the time to soak in the tub and read your favorite book for a few nights. Because YOU, my dear, are going to need extra energy to keep yourself in a good mood. TRUST me. 🙂 Let the laundry get backed up. Go outside and play with the kids. Will the house get on your nerves? You bet it will. But I’ll bet you a million bucks that you’ll stay more sane by getting through the “this-is-a-bit-stressful” times of life by taking some really deep, tangible breaths of refreshment than by running yourself ragged, trying to keep up with your normal appearances.


Because you, you wonderful mama friends, YOU are the fragrance of the home. When you gasped for breath and sweat beaded your brow and that little bundle let out its first cry? That was only the beginning. You continue to be the giver of life in your home as your family grows.


And aren’t we glad that we have an even Greater Giver of Life? To help. To guide. The Grace-Giver.

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  1. I just discovered you last night….your post on the table…refreshment to my soul (Philemon 7). Thanks for sharing your heart. I know it pleases Him. I look forward to getting to know you better. Hope you enjoy a wonderful day!

  2. Thank you, Alisa! Glad the table post was refreshing to you…. It’s so good of you to stop by and I hope to get to know you better as well!

  3. GIRL. You are the BEST writer! I LOVE LOVE LOVE every single post. I know all about long days (and nights, weekends, holidays, and trips) of “single” parenting. May YOU be just as blessed as I am reading this! Beautiful words from a beautiful lady.

  4. Lisa, you make me blush to click “approve” on your comment. But thank you, thank you for your sweet words of encouragement! And I know you know ALL about long periods of single parenting – although, aren’t we blessed that we don’t have to provide for our families while simultaneously caring for them? I’m sure you have some WONDERFUL insight into how to take some “deep breaths.” I’d love to hear them sometime.

  5. Ok, so I totally agree. I hope I’m NEVER in management again. I’d much rather be a follower than a leader for ever and ever, amen!

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