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I’ve gotten behind! But I must. catch. up. I must dwell on His goodness and cultivate this thing called thankfulness. If there is not thankfulness, bitterness and resentment spring forth and choke out all that is growing gratefulness.


So, I weed out. Water. Allow for the sunshine.


#684 park dates and begged-for McDonald’s breakfasts

#685 long slides, long enough (for daddies and mommies even!) to feel the thrill

#686 not having to pack

#687 everyone home together

#688 movie nights on the pull-out couch

#689 popcorn and m&m’s, even for little pearly white teeth

#690 Dove “eeeeee-ing,” showing me those freshly brushed teeth

#691 bowling and matching scores

#691 the littlest bowling shoes they had – the only cute bowling shoes I’ve ever seen!

#692 errands, together

#693 reading, side by side

#694 him telling me not to cook

#695 healthy girls and after-shots ice cream

#696 Pushing Daisies

#697 good, good reads

#698 busy busyness and the blessing of actually writing To-Do lists

#699 the days where everything was actually checked off

#700 the grace to carry some things over to the next day . . . or the next

#701 time at the piano with fresh, sweet faces

#702 a friend’s wonderful recommendation

#703 all 8 errands, run with two, amazingly patient little girls (even I was in awe that we actually fit it all in!)

#704 a stack of new piano books

#705 successful surgeries

#706 the sweetest brother and how we all hate sending him to college

#707 but he makes us so proud

#708 dinners to share with family

#709 most everyone around the table, seeing him off

#710 out-of-the-blue, prayed for phone calls

#711 open arms

#712 giving arms

#713 a God who orchestrates it all

#714 the last pool days of summer

#715 autumn, in the air, falling leaves from yellowing trees against blue skies

#716 honesty

#717 confession . . . all the trepidation and the loving anyway

#718 the cleansing blood

#719 sister-prayers

#720 finding soft, blue Henri and the hero bringing him to our back door

#721 finding 3 more Henri’s online so that it won’t happen again (and maybe she’ll be able to carry around a halfway CLEAN one!)

#722 van windows open, warm and simultaneously cool, late August breezes

#723 hummingbirds snacking

#724 a deer with antlers, scampering a good 20 feet ahead

#725 clinging to hope

#726 and that sometimes, friends will cling for you

#727 that He will wipe away every tear

#728 looking forward to that robe of white . . . just His righteousness

The fellow-thankers



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  1. My favorite:

    #690 Dove “eeeeee-ing,” showing me those freshly brushed teeth

    Thanks. LOL

  2. =D Thank you, Mr. Exegete77. 🙂 That’s probably one of my faves too.

  3. #729 Writing it all down to touch others lives….thanks! Have a great week!

  4. BTW, you can call me Rich (I forgot to include in my last). Also, I would ask for your prayers; I am being installed in my new congregation tomorrow night. Very excited, happy…

  5. You make me smile, Alisa! Thank you for the encouragement. 🙂

  6. Rich, I hope everything goes well for you! That is VERY exciting!!!!

  7. Hi,
    Visiting from Ann’s. I love “#720 finding soft, blue Henri and the hero bringing him to our back door” (and #721). I’m guessing Henri is a favourite soft toy. We have a very faded, lost-all-his-stuffing Care Bear (named “Teddy”) which has been the object of many hunts throughout our house, several neighbourhood searches and even a mercy dash across the city to Grandma’s. Understandable gratitude in finding Henri!

  8. Mike, you are *exactly* right! Lol, a “mercy dash”. LOVE it. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your empathetic comment. 😉

  9. Can’t live without “Bunnabear” and “Puppy” and yes, we are on seconds of both… well, maybe fourth’s for Bunnabear. 😉 Happy week and welcome back to bloggy world!

  10. Lol! So cute, Ashley!

  11. I haven’t watched Pushing Daisies. Is it amazing?

    Also, when are we having another coffee date?

  12. Molly, I think you would love Pushing Daisies! I saw the first couple episodes back when it was actually on TV, but was never able to “catch” it. So now, we’re watching it together and we BOTH *love* it. It’s really quirky, sweet, FUNNY, and cute. And, you know, I’m up for coffee anytime I can sneak away…. 🙂

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