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Unfaltering Beauty

10 years.

It’s a long time.

This day, ten years ago,

left us feeling personally vulnerable.

But fierce for our country.


10 years.

Engagements and marriages.

Pregnancies and children.

New decades.

2 wars.

New airport rules.

New songs on our iPhones.

Vacations taken.

Kisses kissed.

Homes made.

Pictures framed.


We swore we’d never forget.

It was plastered on McDonalds’ marquis and on church bulletins.

Cold pews were warmed and prayers raised up.

Red, white, and blue

colored every American corner and byway.

10 years.

And it’s not that we’ve forgotten.

But life’s moved on.

It had to.


Because if we hadn’t continued to live,

the evils faced on that September day would have won their fight.


But if we don’t stop to remember

and learn,

9/11 would be made waste.


So, while we carefully unwrap the 10 years of life and living,

just to stop still

and reflect

on billowing smoke and fire,

deathly jumps,

plane wreckage,

towers crumbling,

lives lost,

brave men . . .




and every. single. brave heart

who has held onto the vulnerability of remembering

while relentlessly taking life by its horns in the face of grief….


We weep.

And we stand in awe

in the hope and anticipation,

of wondering

how our God will transform those September ashes into


unfalteringly beautiful.




God shed His grace on Thee.


7 responses »

  1. Thanks for these words. As always, well thought and well written.

    (BTW, did you get my email from a few days ago?)


  2. Amazing and beautiful post! Thank you so much for capturing 9/11 and the years since in a poignant way.

  3. Thank you, Ruthie! Hope you are doing well!

  4. Rich, thank you! Has it really been that long since I’ve checked my email? Look for a response from me soon – so sorry – apparently, I hadn’t checked my email as recently as I thought!

  5. Last night my husband and I watched various channels with various footage of the 9/11 attacks and where people are today. I kept thinking it all felt like a dream. Did that really happen? And I vaguely remember feeling back then, “Will life ever be the same again?”

    It was most precious to watch my girls (2 and 6 mos. when it happened) faces as THEY watched the footage. Finally they are old enough to recognize the horror, and feel compassion and gratefulness.

    You have beautiful way with words. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your week!

  6. Wow, Alisa, I can’t imagine watching your girls realize what happened while they were so young! It’s amazing how looking at a child and how much they’ve grown makes you realize just how much time has passed….

  7. I like this: “So, while we carefully unwrap the 10 years of life and living,just to stop still and reflect”

    Love the poetry, Audra. It pierces the soul. 🙂

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