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What They’re Teaching Me

I listen to my girls, in the other room, unwinding from a busy day of play and readying for another night of dreams. I sit in the room next to theirs. Sit in awe and thankfulness, wondering how two such little people teach me so much about life. About myself. About God.


They teach me just how human I am. And how this girl who always thought she was so laid-back, so forgiving, so patient, is really just one wrong word or wrong move away from a few more-than-snappy words. They also teach me just how vulnerable my heart is in love and just how easily something happening to those I love would completely shatter my heart. Yes, they stretch my patience limits, but they also enlarge my love with their every growth spurt, new word, or new display of personality.


They teach me that one moment of fun and togetherness, and just loving one another’s company, is more important than all the tasks and to-do lists I could write and check off in a lifetime.

They teach me that it doesn’t matter how small you are or how big or vast your journey or surroundings are. Just explore and enjoy and know that all is well in God’s hands. Fear has no place  in the adventuring seeker. Just trust in Him and everything He’s given, opened wide before you.



They teach me that you never know what you might have inadvertently left behind you, just might become someone’s greatest heart treasure.



And searching for long-lost provisions, with hands full of questions, underneath what might be considered traditional boundaries is more than okay in the presence of the Father of all surety.



And running.


Just running – headlong into what you once feared because it was unknown. You might just find that it is above your fears, above all you thought scary in its unfamiliarity, might just be what draws your full spectrum of life together. And there, hanging in the balance of the unknown, under the Light Constant, what was invisible becomes visible.


So, I try. Just to be a little child.

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  1. oh wow. that is just about all i can say. wow. thanks for that. we had to make the hard decision just this week to cancel our long planned beach trip to destin (suppose to leave next wed.) because of the ups and downs of our finances right now (we own our own business…ugh). our girls took it splendidly. it is good for them to know disappointment, but hard. i love the rainbow at the end… God is faithful to keep His promises. He will sustain us! I’ve missed you! Thanks for posting:)

  2. Alisa, I am SO sorry for the disappointment! I am praying for the Lord to give you creative ways to reconnect as a family through this difficult time. I’m so proud of your girls and am praying for another family vacation some time soon! Thank you for your words and for sharing your difficult time, especially, your faith at the end. -Big hug-

  3. So glad to see you back! This post – its words and pictures – were truly beautiful. Your trip looks like it was such a special time for your family, full of amazing adventures and spectacular views. Here’s hoping the memories last a lifetime and beyond. Thank you for sharing them here!!!

  4. Molly, you’re the sweetest. 🙂

  5. Yep, well done, as always. Your ability to capture something in words with just the right photos… well, I have written this before. You are a blessing from God.

    You wrote: “They also teach me just how vulnerable my heart is in love and just how easily something happening to those I love would completely shatter my heart.”

    That captures the essence of parenthood. Perhaps “vulnerable and fragile” describes how I experienced parenting (and now grandparenting). Glad you can appreciate the downs as well as the ups. That will serve you well in the days ahead.

    God’s richest blessings in Christ,


  6. They do, don’t they. They humble us. He humbles us through them.

  7. You are very kind, Rich. Thank you! Yes, I don’t know that I ever expected the vulnerability that parenthood brings. Thank you for the encouragement!

  8. Hi Audra:

    Just thinking about you today and wanting to drop you a line of encouragement. It’s always nice to read the words you type, whenever you have time, whenever you are inspired. I feel like God is leading me to encourage you not to despair if you can’t get to the writing as much as you like. His words are growing in you, as you are growing in Him, in motherhood, as your girls are growing and growing you into the mommy God made you to be. So many times in my life I’ve felt the strongest desire to write, it never goes away, does it? And I’d start to write, then life would crowd in and I’d let it go for a time. Then start again because the words remain, they never disappear. I’d beat myself up for not being consistent with the writing, yet I see now that I lacked confidence and I lacked time. I was filling the most important roles I’ll ever fill in this life – wife and mommy. And those roles took just about everything I had for a while. They still do, but there are more breaks now, the boys are growing and needing less intense care. I don’t know where His words will take me, or take you, but I do now you have a gift, and it’s just wonderful whenever you get a chance to share. And it’s OK if those chances come all at once sometimes, or rarely at other times. They will come. Rest assured. Just felt like you might need to hear that today.


  9. Anna! Thank you SO much. I *did* need to hear those words and I am so thankful you listened to the nudge. 🙂 I will write to you….. Thank you, sweet girl.

  10. Did I already tell you we were just up (or was it down?) the road from here at Okaloosa Island? And, wow and ditto to Anna’s comment. How good is God to send her to you?! And you to all of us through this crazy web.

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