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Hope and Stay

Sometimes discontent and discouragement come barging in through all your long-closed (or so you thought), barricaded doors and they tear you down and they beat you up and your bruises affect the way you love. And you wonder how these not-so-very-nice guests ever came in at all til you realize that you secretly invited them in. And of course, they eagerly and voraciously took you up on your whispered invitation.


Light the candles, wipe the counters, fill up every corner of your house with vicarious worship via Pandora. Some days you have to fight the discontent, the ugly, ungrateful, peering-over-the-fence heart with every dusty weapon you can possibly pull out from your arsenal. It doesn’t have to be like this.

It can’t go on like this. It has to stop.


Just to be still in all He’s given. In all He’s giving. In all this right-here, around-me beauty.

#729 matches aflame

#730 flickering light, reflecting in the dirty panes

#731 mulled cider, pumpkin spice

#732 golden leaf, fluttering in the cold wind, clinging to the life it knows

#733 letting go

#734 The solid Rock on which I can stand

#735 my neediness and how He can fill it, if I just wait and seek

#736 two little girls pretend-fighting over whose mama I am

#737 clean tubs

#738 sweet, though unnecessary, thank-you notes

#739 truth-filled lyrics

#740 not getting everything I want, when I want it

#741 waiting for his leading

#742 that He knows how to live the in-between

#743 new words

#744 honesty and forgiveness

#745 a reflection, realizing what I’ve been

#746 a Helper, to restore

#747 surrounded family

#748 learning to truly love

#749 that I have One I can follow

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  1. I LOVE your blog… thanks for sharing HIS voice with me today. I needed to find it and you were here.

  2. Ann, I’m glad we could meet each other here! 🙂 Thank you for your sweet words.

  3. Beautiful. Lovely place full of fall beauty here today. Blessings! -ashley

  4. Discouragement came barging in tonight when my husband shared news that we were losing an account that we had hoped/prayed/begged God to hold on to….but He chose to let it go and so we will have to do the same. Looking forward to what He has for us in the future. It is scary to trust.

  5. Wow, Alisa. I am so sorry! I am hoping and praying that the letting go of that account is making place for a better one. Thank you for sharing so that we can pray for you! And yes, it is very scary to trust sometimes (as you can see it is scary for me right now). As I was telling my husband this very thing two nights ago . . . how scary it is to trust, but what *is* trust if I can’t trust when it’s scary??? Sigh . . . “Oh for grace to trust Him more!” Praying for you today, sweet girl!

  6. Such a perfect description of how to fight the good fight against those tenacious “guests”. There are days…there have been far too many of late where I need to just pop over and read this throughout the day. And, love the tree photo!

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