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Got 10 Minutes?

Those of you who have “exercise more” listed on your list of New Year’s Resolutions, raise your hands.


Mmmhmm . . . just as I thought, most of you.


Those of you who struggle finding time in your busy days to devote to exercise, raise your hands.


Mmmhmm, yep, me too.


Those of you who have a short attention span for exercising, raise your hands.


Yep. The thought of jogging or walking on a treadmill for 45 minutes a day is not enough to get me out from under my warm sheets early on a cold winter morning, but if it is for you, I am definitely impressed. 🙂


Well, for those of you who raised your hands along with me for those top three questions, I have found an awesome solution. You may have a few of these solutions in your DVD cabinet already, or maybe you’ve seen them on Amazon?



I asked for this particular DVD for Christmas and bless my little 15-year-old sister’s heart, she bought it for me. And I LOVE it. It is kickin’ my you know what. But cut into, yes, 10 minute segments, I can pick and choose which segments I want for my own, doable, customized workout. If I only have time for 10 minutes, I only do 10 minutes. But I have worked in those 10 minutes. I’ve also done the whole video in one sitting (there are five, 10 minute segments) and that was awesome too. There are several different 10 Minute Solution DVDs and I can’t vouch for them yet, but I have a couple more DVDs somewhere on a UPS truck traveling their way to me. Thanks, Amazon. 🙂


Just thought I’d share a real mom’s practical solution for those resolutions we all have for 2012!


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  1. I’m glad to hear you that the DVD worked out well ; it’s always nice to know that this video works with our busy schedules and not against us. Hope you had a great new year’s day and I look forward to reading more:))

  2. Good for you! I need to come do it with you. Thursday morning??

  3. Haha, no way I’m doing Pilates with the BALLET teacher!!! =D J/K That would be fun!

  4. HEY! I want to come too. Wish I could join you guys Thursday morning but I have class… maybe early next week M/W or F????

  5. Oh my goodness! I’m going to have to move some furniture! C’mon over gals, but you beautiful dance teachers aren’t allowed to laugh at me and my lack of coordination, m’kay? 😉

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