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I feel like a different person. Maybe it’s the (almost) summer weather. Maybe it’s the new house. Maybe it’s God working on me. Maybe it’s all of the above. But suddenly, my kids are taking naps at 2 or 3 in the afternoon, and bedtimes, naturally, have been pushed back until 9:30 or (gasp!!!!) 10 and I don’t. care. In fact, I’m thrilled. All of a sudden, I’m realizing that I’ve been trying to fit my kids into my own ideal schedule for the day, and we were always *fighting* to make that schedule actually happen.


“C’mon, kids! Chop, chop! Time for lunch! Time for naps. And I don’t care that you just woke up from a nap 3 hours ago, it’s 8:00 and it’s time for bed! Spit spot!”


Yep. That was me. And I’m not really sure why. And yes, they’re up later in the evenings now, but they’re actually going to sleep when they’re tucked into bed and I’m not all stressed out that they’re still fidgeting in their beds while the hubby and I are trying to catch our latest flick on Netflix. And instead, they’re *sleeping* in in the mornings. I’m actually getting a shower in the mornings, and working in the yard and even sometimes getting a “quiet” time in before the stairs ever even creak with little, sleeper-pajama’d feet. In the evenings, when I would have normally been “forcing” her to sleep, Firefly now rides her new bike as her buzzing namesakes blink around her.


Suddenly, I feel much more in tune with what we need and not with what I thought I wanted us to need. And yes, we’re still busy and there are still chores and obligations and responsibilities. But in the midst, I feel my heart yearning and I go with it. I play in the dirt and clean out flowerbeds and actually revel in earthworms and bumblebees. I need a really deep, afternoon breath and I stop in front of my picture windows and just stand in the stillness. A butterfly flits by and sips. The majestic, spotted hawk glides on the wind, wings beating strong through the trees. And all of a sudden, I realize that I’m drinking small sips of satisfaction in my God again.

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  1. “I’m small sips of satisfaction in my God again.” Oh, how perfectly said. I’ll carry this image with me today and knead it into every moment.

  2. So thankful that you are feeling sips of satisfaction in your God again. So thankful for the timing of your move that allowed you to revel in your garden in full bloom. So thankful your heart is yearning.

  3. Isn’t it wonderful how the summer slow down can open up a heart and make it RELAX for once!? I am a very “chop chop” sort of mother too, but just like you I am letting go and chilling out right now.. and it is wonderful!
    God, help us to be this way more often!


  4. I love Audra Lynn Payne!

  5. Sounds like your new place is really agreeing with you! Glad you’re doing so well.

  6. So, I know this has next to nothing to do with this post, but I’m super curious what your latest Netflix obsession is…

  7. Haha, you always make me smile! 🙂

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