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On This Eve

To My Little Sister

On Your Wedding Eve:

The house is still. I sit in the sunroom weaving flower crown headpieces for your nieces . . . my daughters . . . your flower girls. And after a week like this one, my heart and mind find respite at the steady weave and flow of sheer ribbon. The crickets sing me a song. I’m thankful and unbelieving at the time to sit and process.

Memories of us in our childhood wash over me as I pray for your future. Tomorrow, you will be a true grown up woman, with a husband of your own. I think of your three-year-old wispy curls and I hear Mee Maw call you Goldilocks again. Your curls will hang tomorrow too, wispy no more, but full and long and beautiful. I can’t believe you are here and ready for this day! You made it!

All the waiting and planning and preparing and decision-making . . . DONE. And now you’ll step forward, into a new day, full of new hopes and dreams. And I’ll be standing on the sidelines, cheering you on. Today. Tomorrow. And every day hereafter. Because I love you.

Sisters forever. No matter what.


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  1. beautiful words big sister!

  2. Hope the wedding goes well! I’m sure it will be beautiful and spirit-filled!

  3. What I would give for a big sister like you…

  4. Wow, reading all of your comments in a row is really humbling, Molly. 🙂 Thanks for all of your sweet encouragement. 🙂

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