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Raising Best Friends

I didn’t know that when God gave me four sisters, He was probably preparing to raise some sisters. I mean, I guess it crossed my mind, but not in a real sort of way. 


Now, you are the ones playing in the family room. I don’t know what, but it sounds quite riveting. Something about Princes and puppies, I think. There are times that I hear the two of you girls playing and I almost get a little pang of jealousy — wishing I could just step into the play for a moment . . . maybe as a 4 year-old version of me — right in the middle of the two of you. I truly don’t think any sound on earth gives me greater joy than hearing your imaginations adventuring, feeding off one another’s. I pray so hard for your relationship. That God would always strengthen it and that you’d always love each other and invest in one another and give each other lots of grace. 


Because a sister has the potential to be your greatest friend and ally, or your biggest rival. Right now, yes, you fight and are sometimes selfish, but you love each other so much and you miss each other when the other is away from your side. And I know that I will fail you and I will annoy you and I will frustrate you and you will talk about me behind my back and maybe even giggle at your silly, ol’ mom. But I also know that when I am gone from this world, Lord willing, you will have each other and that will give me great comfort. 


I love your relationship. And I love that I get to “grow” you and help you “raise” your own best friend. Don’t ever underestimate each other. You can get through just about anything in life with a friend by your side. God gave you each other.




Oh, and I have to go now, because you’ve actually just invited me to join the fun and come be your Aunt Suzie for a sleepover. 


I wouldn’t miss it.


Always have fun, little girlies.

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  1. That is fun. It’s so great that you recognize it for what it is. Glad we’ll get to see you guys today!

  2. My girls are such good friends. At just 18 months apart, they have been given the gift of a “built-in” forever playmate/confidant/burden-bearer/friend. Sisters are a beautiful thing. From early on, when they would argue, we would encourage that this was there forever friend, the one who will be there no matter what….so keep her happy above all! I see now when they argue or have a disagreement, that they hate to be at odds with one another and are anxious to restore the relationship. That is such a blessing!

    Sweet post. Hits home! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Glad we got to see you too! 🙂

  4. Alisa, this is so encouraging!!!! I love that you “lay it out there” for your girls and verbally remind them of their relationship. I think I’ll do more of this. 🙂 Thanks.

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