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Breathing Deep

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A little Michael Buble, or even a bit of old school Sinatra. Some fun Jack Johnson.


And a quick glance through recent photos….


And I catch my breath. Maybe for the first time since that awful news in November.


I realize that, yes, someone we were expecting to be holding right about now was taken away. Image

But my arms are full. I love that little one from a different angle too. My life is not perfect, by anyone’s standards. But I am loved.

And I take the dare to love again.



We *live*.

live again.

And we fix and prepare days and memories and yummy summer food.

And I kiss and I am kissed.


I feel my lungs take in deep, full breaths of the best air we can ever breathe:

joy in blessings. Big and small.


I think it’s called hope for a future.

Thanks for the present.

Acceptance of the past.

Giving it all to Him.

This is joy.